Get premium without trial??


Get premium without trial??


I already had a 7 day trial on the app and I can't use another free trial but whenever I try to buy premium it keeps putting on the trial which doesn't work because I already had one. Please help!!

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Re: Get premium without trial??

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Hey there @beks101, welcome to the community!


Can you try subscribing via this page here. If you are still receiving the same issue, contact Spotify directly here as this is an account issue and they'll be able to solve it. If you receive a "no-reply" email, just reply to it and you'll be connected to an agent that'll be happy to assist you! 🙂

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Re: Get premium without trial??

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You still qualify for the free 30 day trial even after you have already used the 7 day free trial. 😉

The 30 day free trial is just the first month of a rolling monthly Spotify subscription, but Spotify are nice and let you have it for free! 🙂

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