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First off... I have spent an hour trying to figure out how to get technical support for this.  This setup is very frustrating and as a customer, I would like to VERY MUCH recommend getting a hotline over the phone to reduce consumer unhappiness.  

 I've been trying to save myself a spot for the google home mini for over an hour now.  I started with a free subscription to Spotify but when I saw the Google Home Mini offer I decided to go ahead and get a subscription to premium.  I signed up on my own personal account and bought a premium (student version since I'm in college) and then forfeited my 3-month trial so I could get a google mini.  It then STILL said that I was no eligible for the mini.  I just wasted my 3 month trial for this mini that I still am not able to get.  I am wondering what is going on with my account for this to happen.  I'd really appreciate help with reserving my mini placement or at least my 3-month trial back.  Thanks.






(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

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(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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The student plan is not eligible for the Google Home Mini promotion.


It says that on this page:

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