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HOW TO: add songs to a shared playlist?

HOW TO: add songs to a shared playlist?

Hi folks,


A friend recently shared a playlist with me. While I can see the playlist, as it shows up in the messages, when I click on the playlist button on my android phone/tablet or the web-based spotify, it doesn't show up. In addition, when I click on a song and select "add to playlist" option, this playlist doesn't show up. 


Does he have to make the playlist public for me to be able to see it in my playlist listings and/or add a song to it? I also can't delete songs from the playlist once I've clicked on it. He told me he has marked it as collaborative, so I'm confused as to what the issue is, and can't find anything in the help that answers the question. 

Thanks for your help!



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In my experience, it appears that collaborative playlists cannot be private.  Therefore, you can't edit your friend's private playlist.  If you want to test whether this is true, try collaborating on a public playlist.  If you can do this, then it's likely because the playlist is private.





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Yup, once we figured all of that out, it worked like a charm. Too bad Spotify's instructions don't mention all of that. 

I'm having problems trying to add my song to a shared playlist as I'm a newbie.. 


I've followed the playlist and have it open on another tab, but when i click on the three dots next to my song and click on add to playlist, it only allows me to create my own new playlist rather than add it to a pre existing shared playlist created by someone else ?? 



yes, that's exactly what I am having. how can I add songs to a public playlist? anyone?

I had the same problem. Tried to add a song to a public list. But since it is public and not your own list you can't add songs.
I solved it by making a personal list selecting all songs from the public list (ctrl + a) and adding all songs to a personal list and then addig songs to my personal list 

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