Help! My account seems to have been erased

Help! My account seems to have been erased

I noticed the spotify app updated yesterday and when I went to open it, it asked me to log in.  I created my account years ago through Facebook and logged in as I usually do, however when it took me to back to spotify after logging in, all of my saved music/playlists, etc. were gone.  When I went to account settings it appeared that my account was now listed as a free account (despite paying for premium for years) and without any options to recover playlists, etc.  All record of my account and activity before the update seems to have disappeared.  Please help! I've spent years on some of these playlists.


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Hi @user-removed, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community.

Not to worry, your Spotify playlists haven’t disappeared—it sounds like you’ve accidentally created a second account and signed into that one instead. I recommend checking out the FAQ page ”Can I create multiple accounts?” here. There you can determine if you have a second account, and what steps to take next.

Thanks and please me know if you have any other questions!

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