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Help! My favorites have been deleted


Help! My favorites have been deleted

Hi There, 

My Favorites have all been deleted, but my playlists have not been affected. 

Can anyone at Spotify retrieve my Favorites? 



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Lost my favorites playlist 😞 can you recover it for me?

Same here, favorites gone, but only in my android app, in the spotify web it is there...


Also, the only list in which new songs are added to the TOP of the list is my original favorites, in all other lists songs are placed at the bottom and this is very annoying.


Can you please recover my original favorites?

Nevermind got it back in the help session.

Hello for some time i have lost favorite playlist is it possible to get it back ?

All of my favourites also disappeared is there a fix for this???

Help, my favorite playlist disappeard when I updated Spotify and now I can't find it on my laptop or Iphone. How can I retrieve the playlist?

Can you please give me back that list? I had over 700 songs in my favourites. Thank you.

Hello!, I lost my favorites, can you recover?, thanks

I have lost my favorites since moving to a new server, would appreciate if they could be restored, please!

My fav songs got deleted? Could you help me please..

Lost my favorites playlist 😞 can you recover it for me?

Hey there!


Some time ago I accidently deleted my spotify's "Favorite" playlist. or in Dutch > Favorieten.

Point is, trough the spotify program on pc, it's not there anymore. except my self-made playlists.

The wierd part, when i go to the online web player, i suddenly can listen so all my tracks i've saved up from years and years.

Any solution for this? 


Thanks in advance.



My starred hás gone too. What is the solution?

My favorit playlist is gone to. Have not deleted it, it just disappeared. Please help.
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My favourites have also went away too, but all my playlists are there. Help?

Hi there! I'm having the same issue!

I have the same problem, all my favorites are gone.


One day later favorites where working correctly, though I don't know why, 😄

All of my favorites *poof* and they're gone.

To all the people with the same problem, just follow the link:

and choose your favorites playlist to recover it.

I redownloaded spotify, because it was shutting down automatically all the time and now my favorite list is gone. Can someone help please?

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