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Help recovering account

Help recovering account


 I used to have a spotify account (alexandermalskaer) but I forgot the password, and the account is tied up to an email adress which I no longer have access to.


 Thus, I cannot reset my password or anything like it, so how do I reaccess my account?

 I am obviously not subscribed anymore, but I want to resubscribe when I have access to my account again.


 What to do?


 All the best,


2 Replies

Hey Alexander, 

Welcom to the community,

Unfortunatelly, if you don't have acces to your email account you can:

1. If you hav eyour account connected with facebook, try and accesc it that way (you will still encounter problems because of your lack of acces to your email account)

2. Create a new account from a new email adress.

if you need more help let me know! 


You can also try to contact the support team to see if they can do anything to help recover the account! It is horrible to let go of your account 😞

that's the easy link!


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