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Horribly slow customer service. Terrible payment processing UI.

Horribly slow customer service. Terrible payment processing UI.

HI Spotify,

Listen I purcahed 3 products. I got charged for 1 extra. That you have not yet solved. 

I had to go to my bank and get BAC or TAC numbers.

Spotify Customer service response takes 12 -24 hours. 

I know they are solving it. But this is 2012 and Spotify Customer Support and Billing is still in 1995.


I like your product. But I am getting tired of waiting to solve a simple charge of 29 bucks. this could have been solved by giving me a premium code to redeem while they solve the issue.


I know I already Tweeted, FaceBook posted and emailed you guys to death. But this is only to reflect on how slow this is moving.

I know you are a young company and learning the ropes. But honestly give me my 29 bucks back.


Please solve this Now.


Also talk to your Director of Dev and your Business Folks. Fix your horific payment process.



1 Reply

Hey 🙂 


Have you submitted a payments query using the online contact form and have yet to recieve a reply? Or have you recieved a reply already but its taking time?

Also, if you recieved an automated reply to your query, you can reply directly to the automated email response and it will be sent to a member of the team who can assist you 😉 


Also, as these are community forums, mostly read by community members, I would recommend you also submit a contact form to tell the team you feel you have had bad service. You can do that here.


Personally, I have never had any issues with Spotify's payment systems.


Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

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