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How can I get private session to turn on automatically?

How can I get private session to turn on automatically?

How can I get private session to turn on automatically?  If it's possible at all...

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This is totally absurd.  Before I realized this was an issue, I created a family account.  Now my 11- and 14-year girls' listening activity is broadcast and there's no way to permanently disable that?  


How is this still an issue?  "Privacy" issues have been plaguing the software industry for years....have you not noticed, Spotify?  Let me help you out with a few examples in case you missed it:


You can see from some of the examples above that it's not up to the software provider to determine whether something is vulnerable to privacy concerns; when people find out that information about their behavior is being pushed to places they didn't know about, they get pissed.  And then enough people get pissed and they sue.


I'm pissed.


This is the reason i'd switch to Apple Music.


Spotify, you really suck for displaying our private listening and tracking information on what people are doing, when they log in and sharing our privacy. 

Comparto, apoyo y asumo como mía también tu reivindicación respecto a la imposición dictatorial que spotify realiza al publicar lo que estas escuchando algo que atenta contra la libertad y la privacidad de las personas y dudo mucho que sea legal.

La pregunta sin respuesta es: Por que los que estamos abonados a Spotify no podemos gestionar nuestros gustos musicales con libertad y privacidad.

Tampoco comprendo la obsesión enfermiza que tienen en obligarnos a escuchar la música que les sale a ellos de los cojones, y perdón por la expresión, precisamente pago, entre otras cosas, para que sean "mis cojones" los que elijan la música. Puede parecer que utilizo un lenguaje un poco altisonante, pero es que hablar correcta y educadamente no parece que sirva para mucho, ya lo intente de esa forma en varias ocasiones hace un tiempo y pasaron de este tema como de comer mierda. La prueba es que siguen sin respetar el derecho a nuestra privacidad y parece que va para largo.


Puede que, como tú apuntas,  al fina la única solución sea transferir las listas de reproducción a Apple Music.

If I don't log out of spotify and keep my account open will privacy mode stay on? Or will it log me out after a certain period of time? 

I meant will I be kicked out of privacy mode after a certain period of time? will be kicked out.

I have just discovered this lack of privacy and though i have no shame in relation to my eclectic playlists. there are young members of my family who i feel should have an assumed level of privacy.  I am currently considering cancelling all the accounts i pay for. As the lack of privacy controls can only be a deliberate measure and not an ommission. can you imaging if other services like netflix had the same policys. This need to be fixed now.

Hi there; can't seem to find that option.. Has there been an update on how to listen in private mode permanently? Thanks!

Is this still possible? Because I cannot find the option. Thank you!

still nothing - you just have to click "private session" from the triangle drop down next to your username. I am still flabbergasted that you have to "opt out" of broadcasting the music you listen to publicly EVEN AFTER PAYING for a premium account. I used to have Groove and am sadened by this.

Why you did not make me know what i share at spotify activity?
That make me anxious.

And you must create default private session feature.

Please can this be made lockable. I understand that the social aspect of music is important to you guys at Spotify but some of us like the isolationsit aspect of music too. 

Please allow us to permanently turn on private session. Even if it's a convoluted workaround. 


Thanks for your consideration. 



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