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How do I change my artist header photo NOT profile photo?

How do I change my artist header photo NOT profile photo?

Help! I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change my band's header photo on spotify and I'm gonna lose my mind. As an artist, I'm extremely frustrated with how completely un-user-friendly Spotify makes their artist interface. On the regular spotify for listeners mobile app, my band's profile appears normal and updated with the current photos of our current member lineup. But if you go on the desktop app, it shows a much older photo with members that aren't in the band anymore. The Spotify for Artists app (of course) only gives you the option to change your profile photo (which used to be the one in the little circle but after the recent update it appears that the header photo and profile photo are now one in the same, yet the spotify for artist app doesn't seem to give me the option to change what was our old header photo) not the header/background photo. Can anyone please help me out? The FAQ page is leading me in circles (Get instructed to search for my artist page -> find artist page -> "Your profile is already verified! That means your team (AKA me) claimed your profile and can invite you right now" -> I click the only option on the page "learn more" -> get redirected right back to FAQ page) 

To help illustrate my issue in case I'm explaining this like garbage, I've attached a side-by-side photo of how it appears on a desktop with the old photo vs. how it appears on mobile with the current/correct photo.







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Hey @joshysinger,


Thanks for reaching out.

The Spotify for Artists app doesn't include as many features as the web version does. You should be able to change these two pictures individually in the web version.





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