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How do I end premium on...

How do I end premium on...

Hi! I have a problem, my spotify that I have premium was an account that was created with my facebook. And my facebook has been hacked and is now invalid, due to that i didint use my real name on it. And that makes it impossible for me to get it back, you need to have a valid ID to do that, and I dont have anything with that nickname on.


I cant get to my settings on that spotify account, I just end up on my old spotify. So I cant stop my premium subscription on it. How do I do to cancel my subscription? and how do I remove that account? 

Thankful for help! 

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Hi, @Moiryn!


Welcome to the Spotify Community. 


Since your account was created through Facebook, you won't be able to use it without having that profile active.


Don't worry, our Accounts team can help you with this. You can get in touch with them from any of our social media help sites: @SpotifyCares on Twitter and Spotify Cares on Facebook. Just send them a private message with your account's email address and username.


You can also use our Contact Form to get email support.


Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you need us again.

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