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How to add a 'Follow Me' widget to your Signature.

How to add a 'Follow Me' widget to your Signature.

I just spent an hour trying to figure out how to add a 'Follow Me' widget to my Signature, so that if people like the playlists/comments I post in the forums, they can easily follow me on Spotify. I thought I'd share what I learned in case there are any other newbies to the Spotify Community wondering how to do this.


There are a few posts about this already, but all are either incomplete or dated as Spotify's interface is constantly evolving.

Brief: 1) Find your Spotify URI, 2) add it to your Signature using HTML.


1) How to Find Your Spotify URI (not URL).

--Open Spotify for Desktop. Your User Name is at the top right of the app, beside the picture of you. If you hover over it, it says "Profile." (If you prefer to share your Artist profile, click on your artist name right below your own song that I know you are playing on repeat, then proceed with the following steps). Click on your User Name.

--On your Profile page, you will see your name in big, bold letters. Right click on your giant name & the word "Share" will appear. Click on Share.

--This will bring you to a list of ways to share yourself with the world. The one we're looking for says "URI" (top row, far right). Click on URI.

--Your Spotify URI is now copied to your clipboard. It looks something like this: "spotify:user:joejohnstun" or "spotify:artist:1fl5CqU9OO4ofuYbivv8Yb". Paste it in a safe place.


2) How to add your Spotify URI to your Signature using HTML.

--Click here to go to your Personal Information page right here in the Spotify Community.

--Paste the following into your Signature field: <a href=""></a>

--Replace where it says "spotify:artist:1fl5CqU9OO4ofuYbivv8Yb" (my Spotify URI) with your own Spotify URI.

--Click Save. (I think you can take it from here. Be sure to post a bunch of cool comments to make sure your Signature works. Aaaand we're done.)




Click here to follow me.

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i just became your 7th follower. it works!


thanks, you really helped me!

no prob- & i followed you 🙂

did it work? i followed you 😛

I cannot believe this. Here in the Community my signature has 12 followers because it points to my username, but in reality I have over 750 followers as artist. Now I cannot even find where to edit my signature. You give a direct link but nothing happens. Possibly the interface was changed again. And now?

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