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How to change language ? (bug)

How to change language ? (bug)

Hi everybody ! 


I live in Belgium and I usualy speak French.


Dispite I choose "French" as language in my account, my user interface is in correctly in French but all the audio advertisements end the newsletters are in Dutch since ever !


 Could you help-me to resolve this bug ?

2 Replies

Hey @johncynique!


Thanks for letting us know about this. The ads are based on your location instead of the language you choose. To sum up, your Internet connection and your location is responsible for the ads language. 


We hope this clear things up. Take care!

Hello Fabian and thank you for your answer. I understand your explanation but nevertheless several of my friends, who live in the same city and use the same internet provider receive their ads well in French.


If no parameters allow me to change this directly in Spotify it does not matter, but in this case I'm less listening to the ads ;o)

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