How to connect my Facebook account to my new Spotify account ?


How to connect my Facebook account to my new Spotify account ?

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Dell PC and Android smartphone


Hello all,

I would like to pair my Facebook account with my new Spotify account. However my FB account is already paired with another account.

The user ID for the Spotify entry in Facebook's list of apps is *7915, the user ID of the old Spotify account is also *7915 and the user ID of the new Spotify account is *4114.

I can connect both the old and the new Spotify account using mail:password authentication, but I do not have access to the mail linked with the old account anymore.

Amid the available online resources I've browsed, I found myself stuck while trying to delete my old Spotify account (as I can't connect its linked mail) or in the search of changing the user ID in FB's settings from *7915 to *4114 (I do not even know if it is possible).

Meanwhile, I managed to pair the old Spotify account with another FB account, with user ID *9980.

Can you help me with this ?

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Hi @user-removed,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. I would recommend you check this page, this page, and this page, for more information.


I hope this helps and let me know how it goes. Thanks!