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How to retrieve my account?

How to retrieve my account?

My husband has a Spotify account and from what I understand I was the second user on the account. I haven't used mine in awhile and cannot find it, and I'm scared if I try anything I'll accidentally erase his songs.
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if you login into YOUR spotify account his songs on his playlist will not erase but with your account recovery if it is your password your looking for just hit forgot password or if it if your username just go into your email and look up spotify and it should show or highlighted the words spotify, if this is not helpful you can always reach out to a spotify team member. 


if this answers your question  hit the "Accept as Solution"., maybe give me a Like. follow myspotify account link2.png? and community account here. keep up the good work  and keep on growing the community! 

Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

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