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Hulu Spotify Link and Payment problems

Hulu Spotify Link and Payment problems

Alright, this one seems like a complex issue. I just tried signing up for the student account for Spotify and Hulu. When I signed up, I got an email confirmation from Spotify and when I signed in, I didn't have premium and it wasn't connected to Hulu, yet I recieved a 4.99 charge on my credit card. I'm unsure of what I'm supposed to do, I made a new account with Hulu's free trial hoping to connect them manually myself but that isn't working either. I'd really rather not be charged for 4.99 every month for services I cannot access. Any suggestions?

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They got back to me faster than I anticipated and told me it's because there's a hold on my account until the payment goes through, which is understandable. Hopefully it's smoothe sailing from here.

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