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I maybe idiot but..

I maybe idiot but.. can I get Unlimited version if I don´t have credit card

and I cannot understand how the PayPal works..?

Its so unfimiliar to use Paypal in Finland.

Could I use my Visa Electron still?

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Hi, and welcome to the community!


Unfortunately, at the moment a credit card is required to subscribe to Spotify, and if you want to use PayPal a valid debit//credit card must be attached to it.

You can see the credit card reqirements here. If you have a card that matches those criteria, you're good to go 🙂

There is an idea to be able to pay via direct debit here. Feel free to add Kudos and comment to show your support!


Also, if you have a store near you (I'm not sure what countries they are available in), you can purchase a gift card. These are outlined here.


Anthony 🙂

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Have you tried just selecting the "Visa" option and using your electron details? 

I am pretty sure I used to pay with a Visa Electron card here in the UK and it worked fine. 



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Visa Electron in Finland works, at least mine from Nordea does.

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