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I've been charged TWICE.

I've been charged TWICE.

Last month my account stopped to be PREMIUM, and just changed to FREE.


Well, it wasn't charged, I didnt care about ir, and used the FREE Spotify, with Adds and so on.


But this month, December, it came back to PREMIUM and they charged me twice. I would pay gladly if last month I had the PREMIUM account but that was not the case.


Spotify simply changed my account to FREE last month, came back to PREMIUM this month and charged me twice. Could you please tell an email for contact, or I'll have to cancel my signature and wont pay any of the these charges.


Thanks in advance!



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Well, I'm done.


And today my account is FREE again. It will happen again, they will put me in FREE account and next month Spotify will charge me.


Cancelling my account.

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