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I've lost all my music how do I get it back

I've lost all my music how do I get it back

I had over 1600 songs. My phone broke..I bought a new one...installed the app...all songs gone...please help
2 Replies

Hey @mishabreck76


Many thanks for your post in the Community and apologies for the delay.


If you're having trouble locating your music it may be worth checking that it hasn't been removed over at this link. If it isn't here, I'd then recommend getting in touch with us via the contact form.


Should you receive an automated reply when using the contact form, just get back to it and it'll ensure that the right team get your mail.


I hope that helps out further. If not, please feel free to reach back to me and i'll see what else I can suggest.



Hello! I contacted Spotify because I could no longer save music & through email they suggested the way to resolve this was to close my premium account & transfer everything to new account. Well, this was a week ago, only playlists transferred & all my songs lost . ...20,000 + songs & years of building my music library gone. I can get no cohesive reply to what happened . Double speak from customer service telling me there are people looking into this ....I'm beyond frustrated with the customer service & tech support & very upset about what I am coming to believe is the loss of my music. Can you Help...?

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