I want to delete my facebook log in but keep my playlist

I want to delete my facebook log in but keep my playlist

I am about to delete my facebook account but that is how I log into Spotify. Can I delete my facebook log in but keep all my play lists with a regluar log in?

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Hey @user-removed,

You don't want to use Spotify with Facebook? It isn't difficult to disconnect Spotify from Facebook! Just visit this page for a tutorial on how to do so.


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I'm looking for the same solution and the suggested one is not the one I'm looking for.


I'm having a FB account so I can't delete the connection without losing my playlist and payment settings. Is there a way the transfer those to a new or different account?


Hey @user-removed!

Don't worry. If you'd like to create a new account with all your music but without Facebook, we'd recommend you get in touch with us via this contact form.

You can also find us on Facebook or Twitter.
Give us a shout, we'll be happy to help.


I hesitated for a year or so hoping Spotify would fix this but they haven't.

Here are few user stories to voice my own frustration after creating a new FB-less account last month.


-As a user who originally signed up through Facebook, I want a frictionless experience that allows me to disconnect Facebook so that I don't have to go through the hassel of  contacting customer service or creating a new account.


- As a premium user who signed up through Facebook, I don't want to be charged twice in one month when I create a new account.


- As a social being concerned with Facebooks handling of personal data, I would like to build a network and share music on Spotify without Facebook


- As an internet user, I want multiple oAuth options that I can use / remove at will.


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