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If i changed my accounts facebook can i log in with the old one for w different profile?

If i changed my accounts facebook can i log in with the old one for w different profile?

a long time ago i disconnected my facebook from my spotify even though i could still log in with it???. now i changed my email so it should not be attached to my old facebook at all. however now i need to make a new account with my old facebook. if i create a new account with the same facebook i registered my current account with even if i changed it, will it create any issues? i have had history with these kind of issues with facebook in the past. i just want to make sure i can safely use the same old email or facebook i originally used on my current account. i cannot afford to lose data! nearly 500 followers, 10k liked songs, nearly 2k artists i follow, and 525 playlists!!! a lot of my playlists are also liked by quite a few people! 








(iPhone 8 plus, windows computer)

Operating System

(iOS 15, whatever the current windows system is )



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Hey @negative7dseven,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community.

If you disconnected your Facebook profile from your Spotify account, you’ll no longer be able to log in with it. However, if your account has an email address registered, you can log back in by recovering the password.

Regarding the Facebook accounts, if you disconnected your old Facebook profile from your current Spotify account, you’ll have no issues creating a new one with the old Facebook. If you have any issue creating a new one, it could be possible that the old Facebook profile is still connected to an account.

In that case, we’d suggest contacting Customer Support as they can look at your individual account and help you further.

Hope this helps. If anything else comes up, the Community will be here for you.

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