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In Flames Sounds of a playground Fading


In Flames Sounds of a playground Fading

The Album was deleted By spotify. Why? Please recover this album. <br><br>There are only empty playlists. I'am from Germany. This is the second time. A Dio album was deleted. Weeks later it appears.

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The Album appears in a reissued style. This solves my question

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Hey there,


Unfortunately, Spotify can't decide which music is avaible. If there's an artist/album/song missing, it might be that the label/legal owner doesn't want it to be on Spotify (anymore) or not available in your country. Have a look at this thread for further information and what you can do about it (/how you can request something).

Hey @Timeline1964 


Thanks for reaching over to us.


From time to time, tracks may come and go. This thankfully is normally down to licensing changes, which usually mean where possible the tracks will come back...good news right?


You can read up more on this over at our super handy 'Content Missing' F&Q. Hope that answers things. Of course, of you have further questions, please do get back in touch 🙂


Have a great evening.

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The Album appears in a reissued style. This solves my question

Not solved as today is 6/28/2022 and this album only has one playable song please fix this please


Hi Jason!

Just saw that the "Content Missing" is indeed missing.... What gives? I wanted to read the information there...

Hey @Silverpaladin77!


All Support Page and FAQ articles are periodically updated and sometimes a whole new URL is created. Here's the updated version of the article Jason mentioned if you still want to check it out.


As mentioned previously, when it comes to content availability, it may vary over time and between countries, depending on the permissions from rights holders. If the music you'd love to listen to isn't on Spotify, you can:

  • reach out to the artist or their label on social media or their site
  • if you have their music on your device, you can import it as local files to your Spotify library


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