Inconsistent username v email address behaviour

Inconsistent username v email address behaviour

I have had a Spotify Free account for several years - unused.  Yesterday, I upgraded this to Premium Family.  This account has a sensible username and requires it to log in - it will not let me use the email address.


My wife signed up to join our Family subscription but was not given any choice of username: she was assigned an insanely complex ~20 character thing which is impossible to remember.  She can however login with her e-mail address.


Why the inconsistency? I'd much rather sign in with my email address.


The username is quoted everywhere - in the Android app for example - which, for my wife, means half her screen is taken up by her username.  Asking Spotify Help for Change Username tells us there is a Profile Name which can be customised...but there isn't.


How can I standardise username behaviour?








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