Invite code to family member not working

Invite code to family member not working


I keep trying to add my son to my spotify account. I have premium for family. He goes to his email, clicks the accept invite link, it brings him to my account page. I click on redeem and says code invalid. Ive resent the code a dozen times. Help!

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Hey @Supertouch, welcome to the Community!


Just to be sure, can you check to see if he's logged into his own Spotify account when accepting the invite? If he hasn't made an account yet, ask him to do so here.


Let us know how it goes.


I accept invite and it doesnt even go to redeem page, just straight back to account of person who sent the invitation


Any ideas how to resolve, please



This is doing my head in.

Have been here for hours trying to make this work.I've tried to redeem and family invite - which keeps failing.

Then i followed the instructions and cancelled the invite and resent it.

Even with the new invite - it was still invalid.


Thus please fix this or we just cancel this whole family thing altogether. We're paying for something and now want the results !! 

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