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Is Spotify free on the computer

Is Spotify free on the computer

So I did some reading about spotify premium and what i saw was spotify free was only for a 30 day trial. So does that mean after 30 days i can't listen to spotify on my computer? And if so do I have to cancel  in order not to be charged? If that is also so how do I get rid of my account?

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Hey there @Muilc26, thanks for reaching out!

That was a good question! If you get a 30-day trial Premium and don't want to continue having Premium after that trial time, you'll need to cancel your trial if you have entered your credit card information before it runs out, because it renews the subscription automatically. After that your Spotify account will revert to the free ad-based version. This means that you will be able to listen to Spotify but with the ads between songs and if you had any playlists available offline, without the Premium subscription, you won't have that feature anymore.

So, I think that covers the most noticeable changes if you revert back to free from a trial Premium. Let me know if you have more questions!

Hope this helped!

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