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LOgging in

LOgging in

Ok so on my old phone I had a spotify account and bought priumium and I got a new phone and try to log in with username and it said username didn't exist so I thought if I cleared my cache it would fix something I got logged out and I can't find my account no where and I typed in my username that it said I picked still same thing and I have also used almost every email I know of and it's still lost I don't know what to do to find it I have read everything please need help music is all I got it feels and spotify is only music app I like and will not give up or use any other app and I would create a new one but now I have no money on my credit card to get premium again and this makes me sad been trying to get back in all day it said my username was Ms.Salvatore701 but then I try to find account and nothing is there any hope to get it back maybe with the credit card number I used to look it up or something =(

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