Languge of Spotify after update!

Languge of Spotify after update!

Can someone help, I update my spotify and after that Spotify speaks some very unknow language! There ar not anymore normal alphabet, only something very weird letters... All my playinglist are same, but everything else not. 😞

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Hello, @Riina_Maria! That's strange! Have you tried a clean reinstallation or change language somehow (in the Edit -> Preferences menu)?

You will need to delete cache to perform a clean reinstallation. The default folders where the cache is stored on Windows are:


Simply uninstall Spotify, clear your cache and install the desktop client again.


The AppData folder is by default a hidden folder, so you might want to change your settings to allow you to see it in Windows Explorer. 

You can change the language of the client directly from the Edit > Preferences > Language box (its the 3rd box down in the preferences menu. If you are having trouble getting to it, Ctrl+p should open it for you no matter what language you are in. 



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