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Listen to content of a different country

Listen to content of a different country

Hi Spotify people, everyone who has a Spotify account has country based restrictions. It seems to be that companies who own the rights of the music have to get the rights that their respective song is allowed to stream in the respective country, if I understand it correctly. So all over the world people pay for Spotify, but what they get does not depend on them or Spotify - it's in the hands of the labels and artists who own the right that their content gets streamed in your country - or not.

Is it possible to hear the content of a different country? Can a german account listen to USA content or can a philippean account listen to german content?

How would that be possible?

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi LordGryffinwolf!

As far as I know, there's no way to explore or use another country music library. The only way I can think of is to create a new account with a proxy set on the other country and try the web player, but it's complicated to do.


Hope I solved any doubt, cheers,


I still do not understand if it depends on your current location or where your account was created. If I travel to another country and want to listen to relaxation exercises or musical songs recorded in my native language, can I still do that when I travel to a different country, or would I be able to only listen to what Spotify has to offer in the respective country?

As far as I'm concerned, it depends on both, because it uses your location and matches it with the zip code you entered when creating your account. If you spend more than 14 days on another country, you need to change your country to keep listening aswell.


You should be able to listen to your songs tho, I don't think all your native language music will be gone on the other libraries. And even if that were the case, you can always import to your playlists your own music, so you are in the clear 😉


Hope I helped,


So when I spend more than 14 days in a country that is different from that where I created the account, I can only continue to listen to music if I change the country in my settings? I don't find a section in my settings that has to do with the country. Where can I change the country? And if I change it, does it mean that I pay what the peope

 of that respective country have to pay or does a change of country not affect this? 


By import you mean to import own mp3 files from my phone/laptop, or do you mean a possibility to import something from Spotify? Please clarify. 🙂


Oh, and when on vacation, can one listen to the local music too? That would be fun if that were possible. You could listen to stuff you'd never find. Imagine a pop fan going to Asia and discovering their local pop music that's not displayed in Spotify from other countries. Could be fun. ^^

Hi! I'll try to adress everything:


1) Yes, after 14 days abroad you have to change the country on your profile. To do so:


Login to this page and if the option is greyed out, contact support so they can help you.


2) Yes! By importing your music I reffer to mp3's on your phone/computer.


3) That's a fantastic idea, you should post it on the ideas/suggestions forum (:


Hope I helped!

- Esteban

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