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Location error: country in profile doesn't match profile

Location error: country in profile doesn't match profile



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(iOS 10.12)


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 Hello I'm usinfg spotify free already a few years (since 2014). Since two days I cannot listen to music anymore. By logging in the systems tells : Your countrsy doesn't match the one set in your profile (Error Code 408).


By searching my IP Adress location it tells me that it is Luxembourg, the same country that is set in my profile. See Pictures attached.

Does anyone have the same issue or a solution for this 🙂


Thanks a lot in advance.




Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 16.14.44.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 16.15.10.png
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Hey @agentj27, welcome to the community!


Do you get the same error using the web player?

It's also worth trying to sign in on another computer and see if that makes any difference. 


Hope this helps!

Hello MickyDXIII,


Thanks for the answer.  Webplayer is working with Firefox. I than downloaded spotify again and now it say Error Code 17. That a firewall may be bocking the application.


I double checked but this is not the case....


I guess there is something wrong with hte app.....



Hey @agentj27,


Sorry to hear you're still having the issue. I'd try these steps in this Community Post, it seemed to fix the issue for them.


Hope this helps!

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