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Log everyone out of my Spotify

Log everyone out of my Spotify

I keep getting "your account is being used somewhere else". Can I force logout all instances of my account?

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This worked for me. Your mileage may vary.

If you're on a Mac, fire up Activity Monitor on all of your systems. Look to see if Spotify Web Helper is running on any of them. Kill it with the fire of a million suns. Restart Spotify. Listen to uninterrupted music once again.

I wonder if it is the sonos speaker. I went to a friend's who I'm no longer in contact with and ever since then I get this message.
My last played list doesn't match with what I play and also my suggested songs are nothing like what I listen to.

I finally figured it out, has to do with Sonos and it's ridiculous. For some reason when you use your Spotify account through the sonos app on a particular wifi, it's locked into it until you or someone logs out. So even if you're not there and your friend uses their sonos app but your account is on there, that's the Spotify account that gets used. Can't be taken off by anyone else but someone on the wifi.

Sadly I haven't figured where my account was being used and since spotify
wouldn't tell me I have since moved to Google Music. Don't have this issue

100% his is it. I disconnected from my in-laws Sonos a month ago and it hasn't happened since.

Thanks. Do I need to be near the sonos for this to happen?

No.  I believe I went to settings and found it under approved applications, the cliceked delete or remove.

You or someone else needs to be on the same wifi that connected your account to the sonos.

Same issue here, on the windows desktop application.

I was having this problem, and it was indeed Sonos. I had logged in to a Sonos system at a family member's house 3 hours away, so the solution to log off on Sonos while on that wifi was not an option.


After some digging, I was able to revoke access to Sonos by logging into Spotify > Account > Apps  and click "Revoke Access" next to Sonos. Problem solved!

Has anyone come up with a solution to this? I'm constantly getting messages saying my account is in use elsewhere yada yada.. but no one apart from me is using. I've logged out everywhere and it's still pausing my music. This is very frustrating as sat on a beach with no friggin music! Someone please help!

I had this exact problem and had tried logging out, resetting passwords, etc. I checked it out, and my parents' Sonos had access to my account, so I revoked it. Hoping this works! Thanks for the suggestion!

Just had this problem and was talked through it by Spotify support. Turns out it's best to log in using your username - not your email or Facebook. If you do the latter two, it can create some incongruities in your account. I had actually forgotten I had a username, which was just my email minus the Now that I log in with the username, it's running smoothly with no notifications or hiccups. Hope this helps!

Thank you,

This fixed the problem right away!

I don't have sonos and this happens with mine ALL THE TIME. 

I believe that I may have the same issue. I experience intermittent song stoppages with the message "Spotify has been paused because your account is being used somewhere else". They started appearing around the time I logged into a sonos system with spotify in a workplace I no longer have access to. I'm definetely not logged in anywhere else and have "logged out everywhere" and changed my password multiple times - without any improvement in the issue.


If this is the same issue, does anyone know how to log out of the Sonos system without accessing the Wifi and Sonos system where the issue originated? 


Man is this issue annoying. Any advice/assistance would be greatly appreciated!

I've never even touched a Sonos. 

I've tried resetting my password, forced log-out of all devices, but the problems still there.


I will be trying out alternative streaming app this weekend. Hopefully they've got more stable and secure system than Spotify, cause this is just sickening!

Okay, so I've been screwing around with this all morning.  I figured it might be the similar Sonos issue people were having because I connected to one on vacation a week ago - I removed that from accounts and still no luck.  Restarted everything, no luck. 


My home setup includes multiple Google chromecasts and I was trying to just listen to my "Living Room Speakers" and was having the issue.  I have since connected to the "Whole House" which includes my LR speakers and two other chromecasts and I'm now 4 songs in without an issue.  I know its only 4 songs but before I couldn't make it through one song - sometimes only 30 seconds and I got the error.  Maybe for people with multiple connection options play around with that as it seems *fingers crossed* to have worked for me...



I can confirm it is Sonos. I’ve literally never had a problem with Spotify before until now and I used Sonos for the first time 2 days ago. Account>Apps>Sonos - REVOKE ACCESS. I revoked access to everything I didn’t recognise haha and now it’s working fine! 

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