Logged out and can't get back in

Logged out and can't get back in



My spotify account logged me out after my facebook was hacked and I can't log back in. I've tried resetting the passwrod 5 times but never get sent an email (even though I know this is correct). I've set up another account so I could see if I could browse my old account, and I found it with a different profile picture and no activty. Help me get my account and playlists back 😞 

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Hi, @ellenailes!


Welcome to the Spotify Community. 


Since your account was created through Facebook, you won't be able to use it without having that profile active.


Don't worry, our Accounts team can help you with this. You can get in touch with them from any of our social media help sites: @SpotifyCares on Twitter and Spotify Cares on Facebook. Just send them a private message with your account's email address and username.


You can also use our Contact Form to get email support.


Don't hesitate to drop us a message if you need us again.

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