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Login won't work - Error 3 code

Login won't work - Error 3 code

Have had a spotify account w/out issue for more than a year.  As of today, I can only login through the general log in and not through the app.  Tried to re-down load the app and no go.  Keep receiving "Error code: 3 " message.  Thanks.  

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Hey I had the same problem. Issue is they changed the log in from our email address to just the login name so drop the email address domain at the end of your log in and you should be able to get back on! It worked for me 🙂 

. . . you rock!!  Worked like a charm.  Thanks!

Why do they change email login method??? So you mean like I only can login with username ? From now on ? Pls answer

Yup, so as an example you will just want to use your username and avoid the part. Hope this helps!

Okay, get it, just use username and type password to log in. But why does
Spotify cancel to use Email to log in ?

It will still be linked with your email. I’m honestly not quite sure they stopped using the domain part. Less typing for people? LoL. Not quite sure. 

Support teams should to notice us, I hate it. But thanks for your help !

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