Malicious User Deleting Songs from Collaborative Playlists


Malicious User Deleting Songs from Collaborative Playlists

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Hi there,

I've found a malicious user who deleted varying amounts of songs from my collaborative playlists. Some of these playlists are works of art with around ~2500 songs in them, so I have a few questions:


1. Can someone from Spotify restore the songs that have been removed please?

2. Can I block the user in any way?

3. Can I report the user so that Spotify can send a warning?

4. Can I control who can make changes to the collaborative playlists?




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Spotify Legend

Hi @smackheid!


Thanks for bringing this up and welcome to the Community.


We can see where you're coming from, but it's currently not possible to block a user from following a playlist. If you'd like to have more control over your playlists, we'd suggest giving your Kudos to this idea and support other users that would like to see this implemented as well.


We'd also recommend submitting a contact form and our Support team will gladly help you restore your songs.


Remember that you can also reach us via Twitter @SpotifyCares.


How can you (or I) know who deleted tracks from a collaborative playlist?