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Missing/replaced playlists and devices in app

Missing/replaced playlists and devices in app



In Spotify-app all my playlists and listening history is gone/been replaced with other playlists and history.

Almost seem as there have been a mix-up with another account.

Also getting unknown propositions for other devices to send sound to that haven't been used with the account.

Tried with multiple Apple-devices and one Android-device and they are all the same.

Logging in via computer, only application works - webplayer doesn't, works and gives me correct data.


Since webplayer doesn't work it is not isolated to apps.

And until I get some kind of explanation I won't remove apps due to offline playlists I hope the data is untouched for.


Please help me, starting to get really annoyed with Spotify and it's increasing number of issues and problems.




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Attention from the Spotify support please!

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