Monthly subscription price is too expensive.


Monthly subscription price is too expensive.


I just wanted to voice my opinion that I think $9.99 a month is too expensive for what this service offers. Hulu plus is only $7.99 a month and I get access to hundreds of videos for visual entertainment that are also accesible on my computer and my iphone. Granted this service offers a lot more than pandora, but that service is only $36 a year, only $3 a month. I think pricing it even with hulu plus would be a better way to go. I was seriously going to purchase the service, especially after I saw and email giving me a month free, but when I realized that it was going to be $2 more expensive, I then just thought, I'll just save the money and only keep my hulu plus. For me, if it was priced a little less, I would justify the cost to myself more. Especially if it was even a dollar less than hulu plus, I might even justify cancelling one service for the other to save the money. Just saying...

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You see, different users may have very different listening needs but Spotify only offers one subscription level.  Some (younger?) users might tune in 24/7 while others (like me) might only want music for an hour or two once or twice a week.  I appreciate Spotify's architecture and scope but have to justify the cost in my budget.  I'd pay (and have paid for Pandora) but if the cost is too high might just have to tolerate the commercials.

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I really love spotify, it has everything I need but when I’ve got a not especially wealthy family it’s impossible to balance £10 a month in conjunction to bills for food shopping etc. Just wish it was more affordable for your every day guy...

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I agree, I would like to pay happily a fee between 3 and 5 euro. 9.99 is too much. 

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I need to give you a different account # . Also I would like to get a cheaper price each month . Can you help .


I think price (€9.99/mth Ireland) is fair except that it only serves one person. If Spotify operated a similar system to Netflix where multiple users could use one account I would be more inclined to pay for a premium subscription even if it meant only one user could listen at any one time on the most basic plan.


Hi, I’m new with Spotify. Can someone help me?? It was supposed to cost me 0.99 for the three first month but they took $9.99. How can I get the special offer??


Old thread but still relevant.


Completely agree with the OP, £9.99 (where I live) is way too much. I can get USENET for less and download everything + more from there and keep it. I also block ads, so the advantages for a subscription are minimal for me. I can use youtube for free and download from there if I could be bothered.


£4 to £5 would make me subscribe, £6 at a push.

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Dear Spotify,
With all due respect, why do you think that there were such 'abnormal activities' in the first place? I'll give you the answer, its because of your overpriced fee. Think about it, 10$ per month? Are you nuts? Its just music, everyone everywhere should have free access to it without limitations. I know its all about the money and profit but think about how many people that arent able to listen to music now thanks to you. As a fellow spotify user, i would like to send in a request in favor of all the other users to reduce your cost. Im not talking about 1 or 2 $ difference, we want a MAJOR difference in price. You may ask me to look at your family plan, and trust me i have. I'm still not impressed so you guys are gonna have to step up your game or you are gonne lose users. I hope this message has made an impact ( it should ) because customers are always right from a companies perspective, and Spotify of all companies should know that better. Oh and by the way, dont even bother suggesting the 30 day trial because i am looking for a long term deal here, Thanks.
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$10 Canadian is way to much for one month of music I feel it should be 10 for 3 months maybe 4 would be more appropriate it's not really interactive like Netflixs or anything like my ps games and hey they all offer fair prices aND offer more than month to month you guys are insane should really over think your prices or offer more for the 10$ like 3to4 months 


For me, the price doesn't make any sense. Look at Netflix and we don't have to discuss anymore if the price is good or not. I know that there we are talking about video streaming but they have even their own products that they create with the money they gain. The lowest plan is for 1 person for 8.99 CAD. Next one is 11 CAD for 2 simultaneous sessions. 

Imagine how much more sophisticated and expensive infrastructure Netflix should have in order to provide this good video streaming.


Spotify, they don't create music they just provide.  Don't see it as reasonable for that price. 


10 dollars per 6 months maybe starts to make sense.

I agree. The spotify premium subscription is too expensive. 4.99 is a reasonable price. The student subscription and features are spot on. Make this available to everyone.


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