Multiple devices problem

Multiple devices problem

Hi All


I have a premium subscription and the following devices:


  • iPhone 4S - used primarily with playlists synced for offline listening on the London underground daily
  • Mac Book - used for streaming. Not a single playlist (have checked) is marked as "Available offline". Used once or twice a week.
  • WD TV Live box - just used for streaming, doesn't even have the ability of saving for offline use. Used a few times a week again.
  • Mac Mini - just used for streaming again. App hasn't even been opened for months though.


WD TV Live box was recently added and now every time I sign that in, it knocks my iPhone out. I have to re sign in on the iPhone and re download GBs and GBs of music 😞


I'm confused, because:

  1. Why is it knocking my iPhone out when the WD TV box comes in to play? Why not the Mac Mini I haven't used it on for months?
  2. Looking at which describes what happens on my iPhone, I am confused as to whether the limit is 3 devices full stop or 3 devices using offline playlists. Because only my iPhone is using offline play lists?



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According to our database, it seems that two iPhone's and one Android device are connected to your account. Did you only just get your iPhone 4S?
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Hi David


Ah, I had forgotten I had signed in on the Android tablet too, ages ago though. D'oh! Never use it on there so I'll get rid of it off there tonight. Had this iPhone for a few months now. If there are any others on the account they are old ones.


Why does it kick off the device I use the most though, and not the Android tablet or the Mac Mini?


And is it 3 devices or more than 3 devices but only 3 can have off line playlists synced?





It's 3 devices with offline playlists. You can use Spotify normally on as many devices as you wish!

It might have been an auto cache clearing system that is in the newer iOS. This article explains it a little better than I can.

Did you install any large apps before this message appeared?

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Thanks for the help David.


Well I defintely don't have 3 devices using offline playlists, even if I do have more than 3 devices signing in to it. Only my current iPhone needs this. Everything else is always online! At worst I may have been playing with it on the Android tablet a few months ago when I first got it but have not used it since.


No large apps installed. No space issues on my iPhone. It's happened a few times now right after I've had the WD TV Live using streaming Spotify (which doesn't even have any storage abilities, it's a streaming device, so can't even do off line stuff!). So don't know why it is even doing this then?!

I have a similar quesiton regarding exactly what are the options for devices on an account.  Similar to she11, I have several devices: a Mac desktop, a Macbook and an android phone.  I get that I can use them all with spotify and it sounds like with my premium account, I can use offline playlists on all three. 


What I would like to have is for all three to keep in sync.  I use the desktop as the primary machine and the Macbook for travel and the phone is as expected.  I would like it if I create a playlist on the desktop, for that same playlist to show up on all three devices.  Can that be done?

Is that it then? Posted on here thinking/hoping I might have more luck with help from other users as my experience of email support is terrible and have given up with them on previous issues.


I'm still none the wiser as you (offical Spotify staff David) say "3 devices with offline playlists" which I don't have. Also no explaination of the logic of why my most used device the iPhone is kicked out when this issue occurs. Not one of the others or even the old iPhone your system still shows.


Really fustrating. Can't use the WD TV Live box basically at the moment as it means I can't listen to Spotify music on my iPhone on my daily commute with out remembering first to choose what music to sync off line and letting it do it again, not a quick thing 😞


Pull your socks up Spotify. I'm a paying customer too!

To wcage03: Yes, any playlists you create on your Mac will show up on your iPhone. I often browse various web sites that share playlists on my Mac, open them in the Mac client, subscribe to them, then open Spotify on my iPhone where it shows up automatically and I then tap on 'Available offline' so that it displays 'Yes' and they download. (If you have both on the same wifi network you can even mark it for offline use on the iPhone through the Mac client :))

Hi, I have installed spotify program on my Nokia N8 phone but for the past 2 weeks tells me username and password incorrect.

I have a premium account but its just stuck. Urgent support needed


@she11 - David answered the question. Three devices can have offline playlists. The confusion comes from the fact that uninstalling spotify from a device does not deactivate it as aregistered one of the three on the Spotif servers. Spotify can remove the links from your account - but can only do all or none with no way to just ask for a specific one to be removed. You then have to re-download your offline treacle on your current device(s)

@sun4kat - please crate your own thread instead of posting somewhere completely unrelated
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I just picked up a WDTV Live and it won't let Spotify won't let me login. I only have spotify on two other devices. Any help will be appreciated!

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