My account is STILL not deleted.


My account is STILL not deleted.

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‎2012-09-07 07:25 PM

For  gods sake please delete my account. I've sent mutiple request through the website inquiry form and my account is still active. My account is linked to facebook so I cant manually delete it... I followed the instructions to get it removed and yet, its still here several weeks later. This customer service is the worst.


Remove this account. Thanks.

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Re: My account is STILL not deleted.

‎2012-09-07 08:04 PM

You have to remember that Spotify has plenty of others sending in inquiries to delete their account if not other issues.


They can only do so much with the people they have working for them vs the vast amount of people (such as yourself) trying to get help with an issue.


I tried to get help as well a month ago and not one response did I get.


So be patient and they will get around to you when they can. Be persistent and keep sending in contact request forms if you'd like but in the mean time, the best and smartest thing for you to do would be to, oh let's see, not use Spotify. Can't be too hard right?