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My brother's band

My brother's band

I'm enquiring about my brother's band.


They were signed to a small record label who put their music on Spotify.


A few months ago the label went bankrupt and my brother was unable to locate the owner.


The band's music remains on Spotify at the moment but it's greyed out and unplayable.


My brother also sent emails to Spotify about getting the music unlocked  but those emails went unanswered as well.


What would the best course of action to get my brother's music playable again on Spotify?


Thanks for any help you can give.



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Hey there @unkymo,

thanks for posting !


You brother can also have his music uploaded with companies working along side with Spotify.


In order to have all info needed please make sure he reaches out to Spotify for Artists thorugh this contact page and that he replies to any automated mail he recieves.


Hope this'll help 🙂

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