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My deleted playlist is still showing up on others' Spotify

My deleted playlist is still showing up on others' Spotify

Hi everyone, I have a problem. The thing is, when I borrow my friends computer, he can still see my old playlist, that I've deleted for a long time ago. When I go on my profile, it's gone.
I really want it deleted, so no one can see it, or at least recover it and make it secret. But I can't even see it on the recover list.

What to do?

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You're right - because playlists stay on the servers, the only solution is to make the playlist secret or to delete all tracks. If you get in touch here, spotify may be able to restore the playlist for you.

If you can still log into the account, you can restore the playlist here:

Then delete all of the tracks then delete the playlist again. Due to the way the Spotify system works, deleting a playlist will never remove it from the accounts of anyone who follows the playlist, but you can off course remove all of the tracks so they just see a blank playlist.

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I have the same problem, people can see my old playlist even though I cannot see it myself as I have deleted it. I also cannot recover the list, since the Spotify user page states that I have not deleted anything when I click recover. So what do to next if I want to delete or empty the playlist that others can see?

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