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My song is on a wrong artist page

My song is on a wrong artist page


Device: Windows


Operating System Version: Windows 10


Spotify Version:


Description: I posted a single through Record Union a few days ago and now i saw that it was uploaded but on a artist page with the same name... 


To reproduce:

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 Can Spotify move the song to a new arist page?


Additional information:

The wrong artist page:

My song:


Please help me fast!


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Hey @billgren22,


I moved your topic to the right section, as it is not a live issue.

You will need to submit this form and Spotify staff will get back to you/get the issue sorted for you.

Hope this help : )

@billgren22 do u remember how long it took Spotify to fix this change after you submitted the relocation form? Going through same thing and freaking out that it says it could take up to two weeks

Hey guys and gals, this is my second plead, can you please update my artist photo on my Spotify artist page? And if not, can you message me and let me know what I'm doing wrong so I can get it resolved? Ive attached two artist pictures. Also, here is the link to my artist page:
Thank you very much!

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