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New User - Spotify hasn't shown any Facebook friends

New User - Spotify hasn't shown any Facebook friends

I just signed up for Spotify via Facebook.  It seems to show me everything fine, artists, celebrities I can follow, apps, except for Facebook friends.


I have Spotify exempted from the only firewall I use.  It just doesn't show any possible Followers from Facebook.  It only says:

Facebook Friends on Spotify: There are no more people to show at this time.


I've signed out and signed back in several times, the problem is persisting.



A friend managed to link me to music, which linked me to her profile.  Facebook friends are still not being shown.

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Spotify is going backwards!


It isnt possible any longer to go through the friend list and select a friend and view his/her playlists and songs. Why is this SPOTIFY??? You are going backwards! The follow site is JUNK! Come on and give us our friend list back! There are no longer any reason for connecting spotify with facebook. The onley thing you get out of it, is that face lets people know what you are listening to in the top right corner.  And if you ask me this is a waste!!!!!!!! WTF spotify??? get a grip and make spotify what it once was, and let us brows threw our friends and their musik again! 


with todays technology we are making, or at least trying to make things easyer, but not SPOTIFY. They are deliberately trying to make this part of SPOTIFY wourse! Thank you spotify for **bleep**ing up a totally perfect function! 



Same problem.  New user, no firewall, facebook friends says "There are no more people to show at this time."  Any help?

Hm that's curious. I can confirm that Facebook is properly linked to your account. Could you confirm your app version/ operating system?


Have you tried a quick clean reinstallation

well, I got the same problem. 

I downloaded the last spotify version (0.9). Logged with my facebook account (ye I got my profile picture and my name in the spotify app).


Facebook Friends on Spotify : "There are no more people to show at this time". I know I have plenty of fb friends using Spotify..

Hey li0nel - Thanks for getting back to us. 


First, which operating system are you using? e.g. OS X 10.8.3 


If you could post a screenshot with what you're seeing it'd be a big help.

I just started with spotify yesterday and I thought it was awesome but I have a problem when I log in and everything go to the follow tab it only shows people in the "Featured" tab and in the "Facebook friends on spotify" tab it says "There are no more people to show at this time. I have tried many solutions to fix this but none have helped. To check if my computer was blocking or something I logged on my girlfriends account and got her started but there she had all her facebook friends I don't know what is going on. I have tried to reinstall spotify, I have restarted my computer. Its weird like my facebook profile is blocking this somehow and I can't seem to figure it out I need help please.

Bragi Kristófer Sturluson

Hey bragis - Have you already tried a clean reinstallation


Try following a few people yourself after you've done the reinstall. If you're still having trouble, please let me know 1) which operating system you're using and 2) Spotify app version. 

I did the clean reinstallation and tried to follow some people that saddly didn´t help my spotify app version is and operating system you mean like 64-bit? Mine is 64-bit but if you mean something else can u tell me where i can find it im on windows 7 fyi.

Hi Meredith, thanks for answering.

I am using windows7 OS (64bits)


Here is my screenshot :

Great--thanks guys. If anyone else is experiencing this please post here. As always, the more info the better. 


Just to let you know, my problem is solve.

I ve done nothing. really. but I opened spotify tonight, and I see all my facebook friends. same spotify version I guess, nothing changed on my fb options.

I don't get it, well but it works 😉

I am having the exact same problem.

I am using Spotify and my OS is Mac OSX (10.6.8).


I tried lots of stuff (many clean reinstall, removing the app from Facebook in case there was a problem with some of the app authorizations, etc.), and my friends still do not show up on Spotify. I have the "There are no more people to show at this time" message.

Oddly i can see my facebook friends in the app if i try to share a track with them.


I have the same problem here, the very first day i logged in with my facebook account didnt show my facebook friends, i made a post here with my problem and you were not able to solve it, so i canceled my account and created a new one to solve it. Can you help me now? Or should i continue reopenning a new account?

Also in the top 100 billboard playlist i can see 1250000 followers but i cant see any name and picture of the followers, just some empty squares, and if y click them, nothing happens.

Are you on a network that is blocking Facebook or anything? 



Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

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Nope, i can log into facebook app. This happems everywhere on wifi and on 3g, iphone, ipad and spotify pc wherever i connect.

So, can you solve my problem?

This is still being investigated 😉 



Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

Spotify Last.FM Twitter LinkedIn Meet Peter Rock Star Jam 2014

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