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Refund due to poor support

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How to demand a refund? I got charged for a regular priced monthly fee this month yesterday when it should have only been $4.99. I am sure I was on a student deal but still got charged this flipping $9.99. If I cannot get a refund, I would rather change what I pay this month to $4.99. As of a little while ago, I have cancelled my premium due to shitty support.

Forgot I even had premium for Spotify.

I know this is the wrong place to put a refund request but the last relevant thread was from 2015.

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To request a refund from Spotify I would recommend contacting them and explaining the situation. I have found that the best support experience is by chat on their website, here.

Then click on Account -> other -> I still need help

From there you can talk to a member of the support team.

You can also contact Spotify on twitter on their support handle @SpotifyCares but from my experience you usually get an automated response and they are quite slow replying. Hope this helps.



Hi there @maple3009,


Thanks for reaching out here!


By the looks of it, you got charged the Premium price instead of Premium Student. This can happen due to the following reasons: 


  • The student discount that is valid for 12 months, expired and hasn't been renewed. 
  • Or the student discount was verified through SheerID but hasn't been activated on the Spotify account.

Bear in mind that there's a difference between verifying your student discount via SheerID and activating it in your Spotify account.


Here's what you need to know so you can get the Premium Student price applied to your account:


  1. You must first verify yourself as a student through SheerID.

  2. Then, you must update your payment details so that the Premium Student price can be applied (click on Get Discount). For this, try entering your uni email address and password. If that doesn't do it, try with the Spotify email and password.

  3. After that, to see if this worked out, you can check your subscription page.

You cannot get a refund if you've been charged with the regular price and 14 days have passed. It's our users' responsibility to check the status of their subscription. 

We also send an email with a note that the notification is about to expire before it does. If you haven't seen anything like that, you can check your spam folder and if the correct email is linked to your account. 


Hope this sheds light on the subject. Let us know if we can help with anything else 🙂 

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