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Not a Facebook User

Not a Facebook User

I'm a premium user & I know I have friends that use spotify. But when I locate them & try and add them to my "friends list" I get this error message : Failed to Enable Spotify Socail.  Which is horse crap.  I'm just not on FB.  Anyways around this so I can continue to share and get awesome playlists from friends?  Any help would be great. Thank you.

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Keep in mind that Spotify has become a feature of Facebook rather than being a separate entity. It's unlikely that you'll get support on non-FB friends because it's a legacy feature made before Facebook was required to use Spotify.


To add a friend, you need to type spotify:user:username on your search bar and press enter. Replace "username" with your friend's Spotify username. If your friend signed up after Facebook became mandatory to use Spotify, you'll need to find out his randomly assigned user number, and the only thing I can say is: good luck with that.

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