Offline access denied but no devices are offline

Offline access denied but no devices are offline




South Africa (ZA)


(Macbook Air 2015(ish), iPhone 7)

Operating System

(MacOS 10.14.6, iOS.)


My Question or Issue

I was / am unable to download music on Spotify on my MacBook Air.  In trying to fix this issue I went to my account settings page and removed offline devices.  The only offline device that was registering was the MacBook Air. I then rebooted Spotify, and am greeted with the message 'Offline access for this device has been denied because you have already enabled offline access on the allowed number of devices', which is weird because I don't have any offline devices enabled now.


I am however able to download music on my iPhone. 


They are both logged into the same account.  


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And now it's working.

I'm on a different wireless network now and it is working just fine. \o0/

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