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Offline devices, dont work to remove

Offline devices, dont work to remove

Looks like my Spotify has been hacked into somehow, someone has logged in with an Android phone on my Spotify and i cant even remove the device? Like helo there is 2 Android's that has been connected to it in the last days and no one in my family even got an Android. I recently changed my password but still, someone has logged into my Spotify and liked songs and followed playlists etc. So how do I remove a device? When I press Remove or Remove All it doesn't even work at all.

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Hey @Sebbeline! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That doesn't sound cool.

I suggest you to change your password.through the password reset page.

After this go to your account page and click on 'Sign Out Everywhere'.Screenshot_26.png

And if you can't remove the unknown device from your offline devices, try to use a different browser or clearing your browser cache/cookies. 


Let me know if that helps, thanks! ^^



I have changed password and done sign out everywhere, but still i cant remove 2 devices that i dont like is on my spotify?



Have you tried to use a different browser or clearing your browser cache/cookies?

This might help you to remove those two unknown devices. ^^



Yes i have and it dosent work

I have the same problem - my old phone doesn't work anymore, so I wanted to delete it out of the list of offline devices, but it doesn't work. Tried it with two different browsers and two different computers, no success.

@Vio_lett @Sebbeline


Does it work now?




@Sebbeline @Vio_lett


I've escalated your issue to the support.

I will reply on this thread with help soon. ^^



Okay, i dont know what u did but the two devices had been moved up to the top of the list instead of like it was last, then my iphone device was in the middle but now the android devices are on top, and yes i cant remove them 

@Sebbeline @Vio_lett


On this occasion, i'd recommend reaching out to the Support so they can look in more detail behind the scenes. You can contact the support through:

Twitter, Facebook  and E-mail. ^^



Aha, okay

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