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Offline playlist.

Offline playlist.

my offiline won't work at all. no songs will sync! Why is this happening ?
15 Replies

Thanks for message.

Do you have this problem still after clean re-install? And what is your platform:))


yes i still have the problem after re installing the app.
what do you mean by platform?

Where you use your Spotify?


Android, Windows 7, Mac etc?

iPhone, updated to the latest software.


Do you use mobile network or wifi for doawnloading?

If mobilenetwork, go to Settings in app and toggle the sync over 3G/4G button.

i use wifi when downloading.

There is some reports in iOs with this.


I report this to Spotify now:)))

thanks very much, do you if it will work once you report it?

I asked one to comment this. Watch this space.

Try to download Offline with mobilenetwork or with another wifinetwork to see if that helps:))

I have tried offline with mobile network and a different wifi, still no luck.

Hey, thanks.


Let's see what staff can add to this.

thanks a lot, much appreciated.

Also try clean re-install of Spotify.

Delete Spotify, boot your phone and then install Spotify back.

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about 2gb

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