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Offline synced on more then 3 devices message?!


Offline synced on more then 3 devices message?!

I often get a message on my iPhone from spotify that I have offline playlists synced on more then 3 devices, and I have an option if I want to save my offline playlists on my telefone the message says that I just should quit and restarts spotify.
BUT NOW TO THE PROBLEM!!: I follow the message and quit spotify with hope that all my offlinemusic will still be there, BUT NO..!! And the other thing is that i DO NOT have synced playlists on 3 devices!!!! ONLY on my iphone!! When I restart spotify all music that I have synced are gone!!!?? WHY?! This is so annoying, and I am a paying coustomer so this makes me so angry!! Why pay if the program, by itself deletes my synced stuff...please help? What to do when even not the steps that I follow do not do as it says..?!
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Im sorry but this has been an issue for years (was widely reported on getsatisfaction) and it has not been fixed yet. 

Obviously it is not a prioritized issue. 


I myself have had this problem for a long time and it seems to be connected when switchin between various wireless networks. For me I use spoify on my home network and the wireless at Stockholm University as well as Telia Homerun and Telia 3G (mobile data). It appears that my iPhone is probably identified as different devices depending on the network and not on the device spotify is installed on.


Please tell us that you care and what is known and what you are doing because it appears you do not care about this issue at all.

I sent an email to the help desk with this question, but I'm having this exact same problem and its driving me NUTS!!!!!


I'm an avid traveler for business, and nothing sucks more than to get on an airplane and see that all my offline music is gone.


Please restore my account or these phantom devices!

This has been going for me since july. I've had enough. If this happens again I'm cancelling my subscription.

The problem happend to me, for the third time in 2 months, yesterday, in a house in the countryside without network, where i've brought my iphone to play music. 


HUGE DISAPOINTMENT , especially for a paid service.


Your help does nothing. you've kindly reseted my account twice, as my precedent messages in this topic explain, but it doesn't change a thing, the problem come back everytime.





I just submitted a support ticket (343127) for this asking if they can reset all my devices so I can start anew. I don't know if they automatically prioritize certian machines over others, but this happens probably once a week for me and is at the point where I am considering jumping ship to another service. I've used Rdio in the past and never had this problem. Unfortunitely Rdio doesn't have the great integration with local files that Spotify has, but if I constantly lose and have to resync my music then that's a problem.


I am hoping that it's all my old phones and computers that used to be on Spotify that are causing problems and that reseting my offline devices list ity'll be the end of my problems. Spotify should really have an option to manage devices, so we can lock in the ones that are important.

I don't want to look pessimistic rkarolak , but this has never worked for me. The spotify team have reseted my account, removed all devices, and the problem comes back again and again, erasing all my playlists, usually when i need them the most.

I'd really like them to come back to this thread and give us some clear answers.


I think Spotify should offer a refund of 50 sek/5€/5$ per month we have had this problem to us since we simply are not getting what we pay for (Spotify Premium) and they appear to have done nothing at all to solve this long standing issue.


Next step will be contacting the consumer ombudsman agency and file a complaint to take the legal route. Since it appears to be a global issue we might as well take this to the EU Consumer Center agency.


Hey ChristopherA and all others experiencing this issue.

Note that it's been 15 days since a Spotify moderator last replied in this thread. Since then I and others have experienced this issue.

I did get a reply per e-mail to the issue I sent over to Spotify by using the contact form. I was asked for info so thry could reset devices, bit as been posted previouslu this does not solve the problem (several people who had their devices reset still experienced the issue) and I was told to change some iCloud settings (I don't use iCloud but I activated it an followed the steps - but to no avail the issue happened a few days ago again).

We are paying customers, but just based on the fact that it's been more than 2 weeks since a response, makes it look like we are not being given the importance we as paying customers should be getting.

Any update from any of the moderators would be appreciated, but it's been 2 weeks. We are still experiencing the issue.

I have sent the link to this thread to (which should be the main e-mail address at the HQ) and the German office.

I feel we should definitely receive a refund as well, even though we are having this issue, the moderators are ignoring us, we do not receive the product we're paying for but Spotify continues to receive the full payment, this is clearly not fair/how it should be between any company and the paying customers.

I haven't received a reply yet from them.


Spotify REALLY needs to implement some sort of device manager. Even if it were working properly and we had more than three devices, we should be able to specify which will always will have offline playlists, so we can use the streaming-only for the rest and not be taken by surprise or simply inconvenienced when our primary devices lose our offline playlists.



Implementing a device manager would probably midigate all these issues. I could see my devices and say  "always sync this phone an this computer". Maybe a popup that says "Delete offline of this device,or select another computer to unsync" would be better than nothing.... not "You are using more than three devices. We are deleting all your music. You can restart to resync."


Working properly or not, it doesn't seem that Spotify take this issue seriously. Nor the idea that the notition that them removing their offline playlists from our device and expecting us to resync everything isn't acceptable and is really inconvenient if we are not around wifi or don't have our local songs synced otherwise, which we can't resysnc until we sync back to the local computer. I feel I can't trust Spotify to take on a vacation or a trip where I'll be away from my computer for a long period of time.



I agree, this is clearly not a local issue. I live in the USA and have this problem.

I would hope that as paying customers we would at least get an update. Even if it's only a "We know this is an issue and this is what we are doing to fix it" sort of thing.

I think all of us know that feeling of worry when we open Spotify and the rush of relaxation when we can actually use our offline playlists, and this is as weird as having a big sigh of relief if the light turns on knowing you always pay your bill.. The offline playlists should always be there.

We can live with an occassional error, but this is too much and too little as far as customer service.

I actually have ran in this situation regularly even when all I wanted to do is listen to music while moving around the city I was visiting on my holiday the last weeks and got so discouraged by not having access to my music that I actually just synced for the 10th time and also tired of syncing - that I don't know what to do as a customer, since contacting Spotify doesn't help, so far.

A device manager and ensuring that there is simply no way offline playlists get unsynced on mobile devices unless the customer actually indicates that they wants this - would be really great steps on the roght direction.

Obviously even if you use 10 devices, when you automatically lose your music on your iPhone there is the biggest risk that someone is walking around without music, this shouldn't be possible. We can all live with if this happens on our laptop, but the playlists on the iPhone should be considered untouchable.

Agreed, and ideally we should be able to have 3 offline and then have more devices as stream-only, if I'm not mistaken. I'm not sure how we could do this however without worrying about our offline devices losing their offline synced tracks.

Of course it's reasonable to expect issues periodically. It's a service and sometimes problems happen. However this clearly has been going on for a long time to many people, who's reported it here or on other sites and unfortunately Spotify hasn't seemed to make any steps to address it.

It seems it's may even be iOS related. I didn't have this problem with my Android device, although I wouldn't be surprised if some people have.

I was honestly sirprised there was a limit, but I understand. Basically if there wasn't a limit - there wouldn't be a reason for people to pay for Premium as friends could all just use one account.

One solution for this would be to allow us to use Sporify on as many devices as we want or set the max higher (for exapke at 10) and then auto sign us off in all devices where we are signed in at that moment when we sign in on our mobile. So let's say you're at work and signed in and listening (streaming) and you leave for lunch and turn on the app on the iPhone that you automatically get signed out.

This way Spotify can get rid of this 3 devices thing and we can only use Spotify on one device at a time, so they don't hsve to worry about us sharing our account info.

It's a bit s/maddenibg that Spotify won't take us serious, they have no issue taking our money.

This thread can't be real.


We are all alone, turning around a major failure of this paid service, and none of them is answering. No one from the support team since weeks. 


Yeah, I'm getting this too. It's very irritating and making me want to cancel my Premium sub and start using the money to buy tracks from iTunes instead.


I only really use 2 devices, my PC and my iPhone, but I'm still being told that I have more than 3 devices using offline playlists. I may have logged in on other machines, but never set any playlists to offline. Besides, when you log in on a new one, the others are supposed to be removed from the list of devices that can use offfline playlists, and I still get told that I'm using offline playlists on more than 3 devices when I try to use my iPhone offline playlist, regardless of whether I've logged into any other devices since I last used my iPhone. It just seems to do it every time I restart the iPhone version after re-syncing.


Useless. What's the point of paying Premium to get the use of the iPhone app if every time I enter a 3Gless area, I can't listen to music as my Offline playlists are gone?

WoooOOOooOOOOooOOOO , Spotify support team ? Meredith ? David ? Is there someone here ?


Please help us !


give us at least some indications about the problem, Tell us that you're aware.


The last option would be to go shout in every forum and blog that spotify oflline playlist is vaporware, but i'd sincerely prefer a resolution of this bug.




My main issue with this whole situation is that I've never logged in from any device other than my phone and my computer. I don't know where this 3rd device is coming from, let alone more than 3.

Unfortunately, disabling the iCloud is not an acceptable solution. Why should I have to disable one of the best features of my phone in order to get a service that I pay for monthly to work in the manner in which it's supposed to? Furthermore, people are reporting the same issue even after disabling the iCloud.

I had an email from support saying disable iCloud. I did that and it was fine for a day the all my playlists went again.

The whole service is ruined for me. Subscription will be cancelled shortly and this will not be recommended to anyone, in fact I will tell people to avoid it and use iTunes Match instead. The lack of support is terrible.

From what I understand the issue is that when you join a new wi-fi network, Spotify thinks you are using a new device. This is what I get from what I've read about it so far, this explains why you don't need to have 3 devices to get the 3 devices message.


The weird thing is I have joined several wi-fi networks sometimes without getting the message. 


In any case, we are paying 9,99 per month to Spotify for a service which is not being delivered and Spotify is not showing any form of customer service since March 13th.


We have 2 options:


1. We all cancel our subscription.

This option sucks because when Spotify works, it works really well and the service is awesome. Having music offline available without having to go through the effort of buying music online etc.


Fact is, the only way to communicate that we are not happy which will maybe make them take any notice, is by simply canceling. Writing in this thread for days, is obviously not getting us anywhere. We're not even receiving an update saying what the status of the issue is and if they've made any or no progress. And this for 16 days.


2. We take official/legal steps to get a refund.

Is there anybody on here who has any legal knowledge about how we could consider going about this. I saw something about it earlier in the thread.


After 16 days of waiting, it's time for action as for Spotify we appear to be nothing more than a sure 9,99 every month.



I unsubbed today. Goodbye Spotify Premium, hello iTunes Match. 🙂 £100 a year saved. 😉

Marked as solution

What exactly is iTunes Match and what are the pros and cons when comparing it to Spotify.

I am ready to unsubscribe.


Also, we should consider doing some sort of action on Facebook or Twitter to inform users about this.

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