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Options to become completely invisible

Options to become completely invisible

I know there is the private session option but if you log out and log in back the private session isn't on anymore, so I think it would be great if there was an option in settings that just allowed you to turn off sharing of your listening activity. I'm not sure if friends can see what podcasts I'm following but I think they can see the artists I'm following. I would appreciate it if there was an option that doesn't allow friends to see what podcasts I'm following. Most of the time I don't want my friends seeing what songs/podcasts I'm listening too so it would be great if I could just go completely invisible on Spotify.

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Hey @Daisy15 


There should be an option in Settings --> Social --> to turn off "share my listening activity on Spotify"


Nobody can see what playlists or podcasts you follow. Profiles will only show the artists and users you are following, recently played artists you have played (if turned on in settings), and any playlists you have made public.


In settings you can turn off:

  • You can turn off sharing your listening activity
  • You can turn off showing your recently played artists on your profile
  • In the desktop app you can turn off making your new playlists public by default so that they are only public if you make them public
  • You have the option to make a playlist public or private, and another option to hide it from your profile or show it on your profile. (Currently to see these new playlist privacy options you will need to use the mobile app)
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