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I started with the free 3 months and should now have student premium but instead I was charged for a regular premium account. I want student and my refund.
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Sorry to hear somethings gone out of tune backstage.

When did you enrol for Spotify Student? If you enrolled after you were billed I don't think Spotify will be able to do anything about that.


If it was before you were billed, it's probably best to reach out to Spotify Support to speak to their staff directly 🙂
If you're feeling a little social you can hola at them on Twitter or on Facebook.

Otherwise, you can contact them using their contact form 🙂


Let me know how it goes 🙂

 - James

I used their contact form and it directed me to go through the community blog for a solution. Not sure how they expect it to be fixed if they don't help out or actually answer my question.

That sounds about right.

Unfortunately they use that so common questions are taken to the community, where they can be answered a lot easier 🙂

If you head here,

Then choose Subscription -> Student Discount -> "I STILL NEED HELP" 

You'll be able to contact them directly there 🙂

Cheers again,

 - James

har ni frikort på Handelsbanken så jag kan bet till er??

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