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Payment Rejected (.. Seriously? Again?)

Payment Rejected (.. Seriously? Again?)

It refuses to let me re-fill my Unlimited account. I have money on my credit card and I have wrote all the right detals. What's wrong this time?

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Nordea bank?



It works sometimes fluently with re-filling my payment each month but sometimes it just stops re-filling it  and I cannot do it again.

I again suggest PayPal - Others suggest other but I have never had any issues when using PayPal

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I do not wanna use PayPal. If they make VISA available as a purchase service then they should atleast make it work.

I don't think you actually have to sign up for a new Paypal account, you just choose it as a payment method and then pay with your credit card without making an account. I've done that a few times elsewhere.

... Huh? If I choose to pay with PayPal then I obviously would need a PayPal account <.<

I think your bank need some secure from Spotify and decline your purchase like Nordea did to me some time ago. Solution is purchasing e-cards (only Premium) or local gift cards (or paypal).


Spotify should send purchase as Internet purchase, but Spotify send this purchase as Local purchase, so Nordea decline it as security thing. You can't do Internet payment in Local store or Local payment in Internet store. Spotify should use in it's Internet store Internet payment -type and now Spotify use this Local payment -type. Nordea decline this as security step. Spotify is aware of this for years now, but as you see no one can fix this simple problem in payment system. And those employees are talking bull**bleep** to us when we ask why declined.

I'm going to use Grooveshark instead. That service actually works, both their payment methods and no ridiculous errors like this one..


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