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Payment info

Payment info

I am trying to sign
Up for the premium spotify free 30 days and am willing to keep using spotify premium as well as pay for it. However when I enter my credit card info it can not process my purchase. This has happened on two different computers now.
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I canceled with your service & you keep illegally charging my credit card. When I go on the site to remove my credit card information there is none on file , but for the last two month $9.99 has been charged to my credit card . When I call the 877-778-1161 phone that shows on my bank account for spotify of course I get a voice mail & no help . I want my money back and my credit card to stop being illegally charged with out my authorization !!!!!!

@daisha01 You need to Contact Spotify directly about this, you can do that here. If you get an automated reply, just reply directly to that email (even if it is a no-reply), we really don't have much access to the payment side of thing on the Community.


@Madelinepeters Are you getting any error messages, what exactly happens? 

Hope this helped 🙂

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